#1minuteLamp (1 minute lamp) is an interactive installation that uses light and technology in an entertaining way to show how creativity, participation and ICT can educate social behaviour. The installation allows everybody to experience the story behind everyday objects. People can interact with it in public settings (like festivals, galleries, conventions etc.) and online. On its weight-sensitive surface, a lamp can be created within one minute by simply adding materials to the surface.


Learn about sustainability

People think that once something is broken, it’s garbage. It doesn’t have to be like this. #1minuteLamp makes use of a library of about 150 materials (plastics, textiles etc.). Most of them have been discarded for different reasons. With the installation, they are brought back in use as parts with great aesthetic potential. Making a spontaneous lamp invites to understand material properties and how light propagates through different densities, volumes, or colours.


Create & collaborate

#1MinuteLamp empowers the creativity of every individual and boosts team work, especially because making a beautiful object is so effortless. You don’t have to think too much; you just assemble, remove, or even add to somebody else’s composition; if you don’t like what comes out, you can easily redo it in a different way. In this game-like setup, ideas emerge informally. They get improved in no time by experiment and get transferred organically between participants.


Social behaviour by participation

#1minuteLamp started from the belief that everybody can make a change; an educated consumer is a better consumer. The installation empowers the individual by participation: anyone is encouraged to play the creator’s role. #1minuteLamp helps the user to reflect on design, production, and consumption in a constructive way. Making a spontaneous lamp lets you discover on your own how you can make a positive change in the world.